Quality management and stable processes

The latest measurement technology for the highest quality demands

Know-how and certified QM system

Our customers can rely on effective, sustainable processes and latest measurement technology for the highest quality demands in a certified QM system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 (PDF)

The Amphenol Precision Optics quality management system includes all areas and processes of the company. Additionally, a supplier and customer management system has also been established.

We have defined our processes based on needs and requirements of our customers as a result of our corporate strategy. The Amphenol Precision Optics' process landscape with the described interfaces and their interactions leads daily to achievement of our goals.

The defined Amphenol Precision Optics quality policy is lived as a corporate strategy and guarantees our customers also an economically successful partnership.

Quality management and stable processes

We understand our quality management system as an interdepartmental claim and are convinced that our customer-oriented quality awareness shapes all business processes. For this reason, the concerns of quality management (QM) are fully integrated into our processes through the recordings and realizations of customer requirements.

Sophisticated quality management at Amphenol Precision Optics ensures seamless process monitoring, from raw material procurement to the release of the end product. Thereby modern QM methods enable systematically and structurally release of processes, products and suppliers which completely lead to customer satisfaction.

Using the latest testing and measuring techniques, such as the air-conditioned hybrid (tactile and optical) coordinate measuring machine from Zeiss, the component geometries are monitored during the production process to ensure the high customer demands in the precision and quality of the manufactured products. Process-accompanying documentation such as measurement reports, initial sample test reports or test certificates are a matter of course for Amphenol Precision Optics according to customer requirements.