Bores thinner than a human hair

Fiber Array
Fiber Array


The drilling of high-precision holes is another core competence of Amphenol Precison Optics GmbH. Drilling from 50µm diameter, with tolerances in the µm range, is the result of years of expertise. The bores of the Amphenol Precision Optics are mechanically produced and are not manufactured by eroding, lasering or other processes. This enables a cylindrical bore with lengths of up to 12 x bore Ø - dimensions where a hole could be drilled through a human hair.

The results of such extreme miniaturization are mainly used by industries such as medical technology, telecommunications or aerospace industry. Research institutions such as Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP) also rely on the special manufacturing know-how of Amphenol GmbH for precision parts. For a scientific application, exactly 448 precision bores were drilled on a metal plate (fiber array) of 9.5 x 9.5 mm - with a diameter of 330 µm each.

Typical tolerances

2 – 5µm

Typical materials

Aluminium, nickel silver, Arcap (i.E: AP 1D), titanium, stainless steel (1.4305, 1.4301, 1.4112, 1.4108), brass (MS58), copper