5-axis machining without re-tensioning

Präzisionsfertigung beim Fräsen

When milling, Amphenol Precision Optics processes cut square material with typical dimensions of 150 x 150 x 90 mm. For example, milled parts with tolerances up to 1.5 µm are produced by using 5-axis complete machining.

Amphenol Precision Optics carries out precision milling on modern machines with 5-axis swivel ranges. For example, milled parts can be produced on five sides in one setting. Optimized production machines from leading manufacturers such as Fehlmann and Kern are used for small parts, which achieve a positioning accuracy of +/-1.5 µm on the workpiece. Generally, Amphenol Precision Optics offers production of small and medium series as well as individual parts for dimensions up to 150 x 150 x 90 mm.

Typical tolerances

from 1.5 µm depending on material and geometry

Typical materials

Aluminium, nickel silver, Arcap (i.E: AP1D and AP1C), titanium, stainless steel (1.4305, 1.4301, 1.4112, 1.4108), Brass (MS58, also lead free), copper.

Machine list

Number Machine manufacturer Type Manufacturing processes Notes Accuracy on the workpiece
1 Fehlmann Picomax 60-M Milling X=150 Y=150 Z=90 air-conditioned ± 1 ° C < 10 µm
1 Fehlmann Picomax 60-HSC mit Roboter Milling X=150 Y=150 Z=90 air-conditioned ± 1 ° C < 10 µm
1 Fehlmann Picomax P82 Milling X=600 Y=300 Z=500 air-conditioned ± 1 ° C < 10 µm
1 Kern Kern EVO Milling X=150 Y=150 Z=55 air-conditioned ± 1 ° C < 3 µm