Connectors with metal ferrules / FSMA

To support the installation of special fibers, Amphenol Precision Optics offers standard connectors, which are usually equipped with ceramic or with metal ferrules. This solution is available for ST, SC, and FC connectors as well as for LC and FSMA connectors (standard market model, e.g. for laser and high-power connector).

Standard connectors (Special design upon request)

Connector type 128 μm up to 500 μm up to 700 μm up to 1.000 μm
LC x x
FC x x x x
ST x x x x
SC x x x x
DIN x x x x
FSMA x x x x


The FSMA connector is preferred for high-precision laser applications for medical and device technology. Amphenol Precision Optics offers this type of connector in a total of six different versions and covers all common application scenarios.