Enameling dies for round wire

Enameling dies for horizontal enameling machines
Enameling dies for vertical enameling machines
Enameling dies for vertical enameling machines
Enameling dies for horizontal enameling machines


Whether horizontal or vertical coating systems - modern wire coating machines require suitable dies for their high line speeds. Especially, for wires with very small diameters down to 20 µm, as used in microelectronics, negligent dies quickly leads to inadequate coating and to high reject rates during further processing. Amphenol Precision Optics therefore offers a product range of selected enameling dies for both system types.

Closed enameling dies made by Amphenol Precision Optics are economically in use, guaranteeing superior homogeneity of the enameled wire or fibers in horizontal as well as in vertical applications. The dies are made of corrosion-resistant ARCAP or stainless steel with tungsten carbide and PCD inserts. All coating dies will be equipped with a solvent-resistant laser inscription for an optimal identification. The delivery program includes 5 types for the horizontal and 8 types for the vertical use for wire diameters from 0.10 – 5.50 mm. Additionally, Amphenol Precision Optics also manufactures upon customer request.


  • High uniformity of enamel coating of wires and fibers
  • Cost efficiency
  • Dies bodies are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Inserts made of tungsten carbide or PCD, wear resistant
  • Solvent resistant laser labelling