Polishing technology

Components and processing from a single source

The polish of a fiber optic connector is just as important as the quality of the components themselves and contributes significantly to the transmission of quality.

In addition to the accuracy and performance of the polishing machine, factors such as optimum polishing recipes, the quality of the polishing foils and fixtures play a decisive role. The high-precision production of the polishing fixtures in combination with high-quality connectors, paired with defined and tested polishing recipes, are the basis for the best polishing connector.  Therefore, it is a matter of course for Amphenol Precision Optics to develop the appropriate polishing technology in addition to high-quality connectors and to offer it to our customers as a complete package.

Operator and low maintenance-friendly polishing machines are therefore indispensable in assembly. Optimized polishing processes save time and money in assembling the cables. Individual composition of working tools, optimal polishing formulas as well as proper initial training, guarantees a perfect result.